Wednesday, April 21, 2021 masterclass on recognizing emotions and stress signals in horses together with Rachaƫl Draaisma for Equicoachpro


Wednesday, June 5, 2019 lecture on horse welfare at a meeting in Terheijden (Stalhouderij Zegzijde) organized by LTO Nederland


Monday 3 June 2019 lecture on horse welfare at a meeting in Eemnes (Waaij Stud) organized by LTO Nederland


Tuesday, May 28, 2019 guest lecture Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, in Leeuwarden


Tuesday, May 20, 2019, attend presentation view of Animal Care Workers of the Council of Animal Affairs (RDA) – Nieuwspoort The Hague


Tuesday 7 May 2019 workshop Human-Animal Interactions for the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality


16 March 2018 opponent at Rikke Munk Andersen’s thesis defense, Faculty of Science and Technology, Aarhus University, Denmark


March 14, 2017 presentation RDA opinion Horse markets; Call Man and Horse


September 9, 2017 defense thesis of Sofie Viksten, Uppsala University, Sweden


Monday June 6, 2016 lecture about horse characters at the PaardenStudieCentrum, Belgium


October 2, 2015 defense thesis of Malin Axel-Nilsson, Uppsala University, Sweden


April 10-11, 2014 invited as a speaker at the Animal Welfare Workshop for Veterinarians – Warsaw (Poland) – European Commission, Health and Consumers Directorate General and Federation of Veterinarians of Europe.

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