LTO horse welfare evenings

On 3 & 5 June and on 3 & 11 July 2019 I gave a contribution about horse welfare during the LTO horse welfare evenings. At different locations in the country (Eemnes, Terheijden, Hulsberg, Westerkwartier) the same concept for the LTO members. With the presentations I discussed: o What is horse welfare? o What is […]

Guest lesson Van Hall Larenstein

On Wednesday 13 May 2 lessons provided for VHL Leeuwarden, students of the minor. This time because of the corona online via Teams. Went fine too, but discussing well-being and character live with students remains more fun!

State of the Animal

Between January and March 2019, Horsonality contributed to the RDA view State of the Animal. It is expected to be released around the summer of 2019.

Guest lesson Horsonality Van Hall

gastles Van Hall Leeuwarden Last week we were able to give the guest lesson about horse characters for 3rd year animal management students of Van Hall Larenstein in Leeuwarden. Always nice to see that the JUMPEX film that Carolien Staal made in 2003 is still so beautiful.

Transport of slaughter horses

Wageningen UR has hired Horsonality to participate as an expert in the EU Transport Guides project. This project collects examples of ‘good’ and ‘best practices’. Last month, an expert group thought about examples of preparing for transport, loading the horses, during transport, unloading and afterwards. A lot of positive energy with this group of experts.

Corona sound

Wageningen UR has hired Horsonality to conduct the questionnaire survey among horse owners into their experiences with keeping horses under high-voltage connections in the Netherlands. The interviews only focus on the effect of corona noise on the behaviour of horses. The survey reflects the opinion of the horse owners. The report can be found via […]

29th November Training Team

On Saturday 29 November, together with Menke Steenbergen (Centaur) and Anneke Hallebeek (nutritional advice), I gave training to an enthusiastic group of horse lovers from the team. We were visiting the riding school and pony camp de Burght in Barneveld, where they have a beautiful free-range stable with riding and boarding horses.

Workshop veterinarian practitioners

From April 10-12th 2014 the European Commission, together with the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe, organised its 7th workshop on Animal Welfare for veterinarian practitioners. Together with Jo White (Progressive Ideas) and Professor Jacek Łojek (Warsaw Faculty of Veterinary Medicine) we provided a full afternoon of lectures on horses welfare at farms, markets, and transport and a method […]