Workshop veterinarian practitioners


From April 10-12th 2014 the European Commission, together with the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe, organised its 7th workshop on Animal Welfare for veterinarian practitioners. Together with Jo White (Progressive Ideas) and Professor Jacek Łojek (Warsaw Faculty of Veterinary Medicine) we provided a full afternoon of lectures on horses welfare at farms, markets, and transport […]

Transport of slaughter horses

Last week I was interviewed as scientific researcher at Wageningen UR Livestock Research by Tros Radar about EU regulation regarding transport of horses for slaughter. View the broadcast:

Course in Sint Niklaas (Belgium)

14 and 15 maart 2014 training at the KAHO (Sint Niklaas, Belgium). Theory in assessing welfare of horses; training in practice at horse stable and training centrum Dirk De Pauw (Wachtebeke) and at horse shelter The Old Horses Lodge (Laarne ( Valuable experience with an enthusiastic group of students.